St. Louis Magician

Looking for a St. Louis magician? At Abra-Kid-Abra we have been adding laughter and fun to events in and around St. Louis since 1969. Comedy magic is our specialty. Our aim is to not only amaze your guests with strong magic, but—perhaps more importantly–to entertain them. To get them laughing and having fun with a St. Louis magician.

What types of events are good to use a St. Louis Magician?

Birthday Party Magician

St. Louis Magician - levitation

We offer 3 different birthday magic show packages ranging from a simple 30 minute comedy magic show up to a 1.75 hour party complete with inflatables, goodie bags, theatrical backdrop, 2 bigger illusions starring your child, etc.


Holiday Party Magician

St. Louis Magician - holiday party entertainment

Whether you are looking for Christmas party entertainment, Halloween party entertainment, or Easter party fun, a St. Louis magician can help make the holiday more festive and memorable.


Picnic Magician

St. Louis Magician - picnic entertainment

Planning a company, church, or family picnic? Let a St. Louis magician add to your picnic entertainment fun with our strolling magic as a warm up, magic show, magic workshop, and take home tricks for the kids.


School Magician

St. Louis Magician - School assembly

For elementary schools, we offer 5 educational magic shows to excite students about reading or math. We also offer 3 character education shows to help prevent bullying, teach good character traits, and help with alcohol and drug prevention. We also offer some fun shows for end of the year field days, holiday parties, and success celebrations.


We can also provide a cub scout magician, senior citizen center magician, fair/festival magician, child care center magician, library magician, and more. Learn more about our different magic shows for different event types.


St. Louis magic show

Our magic show has lots of audience interaction and comedy to get your guests laughing and having fun. We offer many different magic shows to enhance your event. In addition to a magic show, we offer several other formats as well, to enhance your event:


Close up magician

comedy close up magic

Our founder, Jeff Lefton, has been invited to perform close up magic 3 times at the Hollywood Magic Castle. Close up magic is personable, intimate. Guests are amazed, as the magic happens literally under their noses! Strolling close-up magic is great for open houses, cocktail parties, and as a warm-up prior to a show.


Magic workshop

magic workshop

After a show kids are often excited about magic and want to learn to do magic themselves. So we often do a magic workshop right after our magic show to teach kids tricks they can perform for family and friends. This gives them a chance to shine!


Street Magician


Planning a fair or festival? An event where lots of people are coming and going, with lots of activities going on? A exhibit where you want to attract a crowd to your area? Our street magician does short, continuous shows to draw a crowd, entertain them, then let them move on to another activity. Great fun.


Magic party favors

comedy magic party favors

Party favors add a nice touch to events. And when they are magic party favors, even better! Check out our magic party favors, including goodie bags for kids, ice breaker tricks for adults, and customized magic party favors with your name on them.


St. Louis magic for kids

St. Louis Magician - Comedy Magic

Kids big and little love magic. Whether you are planning a scouting event, picnic, holiday party,…, our magic for kids will help make it sizzle! We gear our shows to the age range of the kids. Magic for kids 3-5 years old at a pre school takes a very different magic show than if we are performing for a boisterous group of cub scouts at a Blue and Gold banquet.


St. Louis magic for adults

magic for adults

If your event calls for magic for adults, we can help you get them laughing and having fun, whether it be with a comedy magic show, strolling close up magic, magic party favors, etc.  St. Louis magician, Jeff Lefton (our founder) has performed 3 times at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.


St. Louis Magician, MO and IL

St. Louis Magician - math magician show

Where does a St. Louis magician magish? Typically in St. Louis and within a few hours drive. MO and IL most often, but we also get to IN and AR, KY and TN. KS and IA we sometimes perform in as well.


We can provide a magician at your place or at ours in Webster Groves. At our party place we offer inflatables and magic for birthday parties, field trips, scout groups, home school groups, etc.


Hire a St. Louis Magician

Rabbit in the Hat

Call or email us to discuss your event and how we can help add to its success. Hire a St. Louis magician and make your event magical!