Street Magician

Looking for a street magician? You’d love to have David Blaine or Chris Angel, but your budget won’t quite accommodate that.  An Abra-Kid-Abra street magician is the next best thing!

First, what is a street magician? Street magicians perform short, continuous crowd-gathering shows. Draw a crowd, get them laughing, amazed, entertained. Then let them move on and start up again. Street magic is close-range, personable, spontaneous, and fun!


Street Magician Events


What sort of events lend themselves well for street magicians? Fairs and festivals, open houses, sporting events (before the game begins, or during intermissions), and trade shows are all great places for street magicians. Any place where you have lots of people coming and going who you desire to entertain is a good setting for a street magician. Other good criteria can include: lots of activities going on. Activity stations, perhaps, as opposed to a main stage or auditorium.


When would should use strolling, close up magic vs. street magic? Strolling close up magic is good for smaller groups, going table to table, or as a warm-up to an after meal show. Street magic can reach larger groups at a time then close up magic. So street magicians are a better choice when you have a large crowd, and where there is room for a sidewalk-type performer. Contact us if you’d like to discuss further which is best for your event.


Other Street Performers

street performer - juggler
Street jugglers are great compliments to street magicians.  Ask us about our street performer jugglers.


Street Magician St. Louis, MO and IL

street magician

We can provide a street performing magician wherever you’d like. As we are headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, most of our street magic is done in MO and IL. We also serve AR and IN, and TN and KY. We perform in IA and KS, and we have done trade show magic in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and throughout the United States.


Hire a Street Magician

Would your event benefit from a street magician? Call or email us, and hire a street performer to add fun to your event!