Magic Party Favors

Would you like to give your guests magic party favors to take home? This sort of parting gift is adds a nice touch. It is the icing on your party cake.

If you are having a magician at your party, why not provide magic party favors! Magic party favors are unique. They fit the entertainment and theme. And they are fun! They enable your guests to perform a simple trick for friends and family, which they’ll have a lot of fun with. And if not, they can give their magic party favors to someone else—their kids, grandkids, siblings,…

Magic Party Favors for Kids

magic party favors for kids

Goodie bags make great party favors for kids. Our goodie bags typically have 6 magic tricks and novelties inside. Four of the six items we have designed and produced the items specially to have nice magic party favors. For instance: Goodnite George Trick; Card Slipping Through Your Fingers Trick; Chinese finger cuffs, an Abra-Kid-Abra giant dollar bill with instructions for several tricks on the back; our rabbit in the hat tattoo; and a levitating ball pipe.


Magic Party Favors for Adults

Ice breaker tricks

magic party favors for adults

Ice Breaker tricks a unique, fun magical party favor for adults.  Each place setting at a table contains an envelope with a instructions for a different trick that can be performed using items at the table!  Your guests can have fun showing their ice breaker tricks to each other.  All tricks at a table are different.  A great mixer and conversation piece!  Or some put their ice breaker envelope in their pocket to bring home to their kids.  If you like, the magician can circulate to assist, and get people going and having fun with their ice breaker tricks.


Holiday mind reading trick

holiday magic party favor

Planning a holiday party?  We designed a  holiday-themed take-home magic party favor for your guests.  It is fun to do, quick to learn, and in keeping with the Christmas holiday!  We can print your organization’s name on it, which makes for a nice keepsake.  A unique, fun holiday gift!


Magic Party Supplies

Hats and wands

hats and wands

Hats and wands make nice magic party favors for kids.  We package our wands with an illustrated instruction card that teaches 6 different tricks the kids can perform with their wands.  Equipped with a hat and wand, your kids will look and feel like magicians!


Customized Magic Party Supplies

We would be glad to customize magic party supplies for your event.  Let’s discuss what you’d like and see what we can come up with.


Order Magic Party Favors

Ready to add a magical parting gift to your event?  Call or email us to add magic party favors to your event!