Close up Magician

Close up Magic

Jeff Lefton, our president, has performed as a close up magician at the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood.  Close up magic is performed at very close range, right under people’s noses! It is intimate and personable. It gets people laughing and having fun. There is a lot of audience interaction. Close-up magic is great entertainment for adults or kids! There are 2 types of close up magic:

close up magic


Strolling Magician

strolling close up magic

A strolling close up magician roves from table to table, or group to group, working out of his pockets. Our close up magician mixes amazing sleight of hand magic with a comical line of patter to get your guests laughing and amazed. What a great combination!


A strolling magician is great for a social hour as a prelude to an after dinner (or after lunch) show. Strolling close up magic is also great for cocktail parties, open houses—situations where people are coming and going.


Close-up Magic Show

Close-up magic show

A close up magic show is great for small, intimate parties. The show is typically performed for 4-35 guests at very close range. They are so close to the magician that they can see what’s going on—so they think!


A close up magic show involves the same amazing, close range magic with comedy and audience byplay. The difference is that it is a show instead of strolling close up magic, which is a series of much shorter shows. With strolling close up magic, the close up magician is generally trying to get around to as many people as possible, performing a few tricks for each group.



Close up magician St. Louis, MO and IL

close up magician

As we are based in St. Louis, Missouri, a preponderance of our shows are in MO and IL and neighboring states such as TN and KY, IN and AR, and KS and IA. We have also performed our close up magic throughout the U.S. Let us know where you’d like your close up magician, and we’ll do our best to be there!


Hire a Close up Magician

close up magician

For more info on a close up magician, please call or email us. Hire a close up magician. You’ll be glad you did!