Comedy Classes for Kids St. Louis

Looking for comedy classes for kids St. Louis?  Our after school comedy classes have 3 goals:

comedy classes
  • Develop presentation skills in front of an audience
  • Build confidence
  • Have fun!


Comedy Classes for Kids

We offer our comedy class every 2 years. It is called:

comedy classes after school

Kids Comedy Class

Do you like to chuckle? Do you enjoy making others laugh? This class is designed to bring out the sense of humor within you—while having a blast in the process! You’ll learn hilarious skits and jokes, how to deliver them, and what makes something funny. You’ll experience theater games, and you’ll take home a new gag each week—such as silly glasses, squirting cameras, snapping gum, and many more! Class culminates with students putting on a family comedy show. Goals are to develop public speaking skills, comedic creativity, and to have a lot of laughs!  We teach 3 main types of comedy in our classes:

Stand up Comedy Classes for Kids

Stand up comedy is the biggest focus of the class.  We teach kids to tell jokes that are provided by both us and the kids.  Kids learn the basics of what makes something funny, and start to develop a comfort presenting in front of an audience.

Improv Comedy Classes for Kids

Thinking on your feet is an important aspect of comedy.  Which is why part of our comedy class involves theater games and improv comedy.  We develop kids’ spontaneous sense of humor and their ability to think quickly in a humorous way!

Sketch Comedy Classes for Kids

Kids love performing sketches and skits.  Doing comedy with others teaches teamwork and timing.  This is one of the most popular parts of comedy class with the kids.


Comedy Classes in St. Louis

comedy classes St. Louis

We present our after school comedy classes at elementary schools throughout the St. Louis metro area.  To see if we have any comedy classes scheduled at your child’s school, please call or email us.  If we don’t, we’d be glad to try to start one.  Ask about how you can get free tuition if you help us get balloon twisting classes started at your school!



After School Enrichment Program–Comedy Classes and More

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Abra-Kid-Abra is a member of a consortium of leading after school providers called ACES (After-school Collaborative Enrichment Services).  ACES offers students a variety of after school enrichment experiences— lego engineering, fun science, art, , comedy, magic,…  For more information, call or email us.  Or check out our ACES website.

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School of Comedy for Kids St. Louis

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Abra-Kid-Abra also offers a number of additional ways for kids to learn comedy.  For instance:

Kids Comedy Camp

Comedy Magic Show with optional comedy magic workshop

Comedy Kits in our online store