School of Comedy for Kids St. Louis

Seeking a school of comedy for kids St. Louis? Abra-Kid-Abra offers several school of comedy resources to help your child learn comedy.

school of comedy for kids St. Louis

In our school of comedy for kids St. Louis, children will:

  • Learn the basics of stand up comedy, improve comedy, and sketch comedy.
  • Develop presentation skills and confidence in front of a group
  • Enhance creativity and sense of humor


Comedy Classes

school of comedy for kids St. Louis - sketch comedy

We offer comedy classes after school at elementary schools throughout the St.Louis area. Typically our comedy classes meet weekly for 1 hour for 6-8 weeks. Call or email us to see if we have one upcoming at your school. If not, perhaps we can work together to get one started, and get your child free tuition in the process!


We also incorporate comedy in some of our other after school programs as well. Our magic classes often have comedy in the tricks and the patter accompanying the tricks. Our circus classes also incorporate comedy—especially in the clown skits that are taught as part of the circus classes.


Comedy Camp

school of comedy for kids St. Louis, MO or IL

In the summer Abra-Kid-Abra presents one week kids comedy camps at schools and community centers throughout the St. Louis area. Check our camp schedule starting around the end of January, or call or email us to see where we are offering a comedy camp near you.


Our other camp programs also have comedy camp components. In magic camp we teach a lot of comedy magic, as well as magical comedy skits and some comical puzzlers. Circus camp incorporates clown skits and gags. Magical Mystery Camp incorporates a lot of comedy as campers write and put on a mystery play with comedy and magic.


Comedy Shows

Comedy Show

We incorporate comedy into our magic show St. Louis and into our interactive circus shows. Our game show has comedy in it as well.


Comedy Kits

comedy kits

In our magic shop online we carry several comedy kits and humorous items. At this writing these include: 4 Gag Pack, Mischief Kit, Rabbit in Hat Puppet (which lends itself to some great comedy), and the raccoon puppet and DVD, which is also a very humorous routine.  If you are in St. Louis, you are welcome to come by.  Call to be sure we are here.


School of Comedy for Kids St. Louis, MO or IL

comedy school

Between comedy classes, comedy camp, comedy shows, and comedy kits, we have assembled a school of comedy for kids St. Louis.  We teach comedy throughout the St. Louis area in both Missouri and Illinois.  We look forward to helping your child flourish with their creativity and sense of humor!