Comedy Magician

Do you want a magician or a comedy magician for your event? Comedy makes the magic more entertaining. Have you ever sat through a bunch of card tricks? They may be amazing, but they can get boring after a while. That’s why you want a comedy magician. A great comedy magician gets your guests laughing and having fun! It’s great to amaze your guests. But comedy on top of the amazement is what makes it fun. So which is better, an amazing magician or a comedy magician? A combination of both—which is what we strive to provide in our comedy magic.


Funny Magician

comedy magician St. Louis

Our funny magician is available in several different formats to best suit your event:


Comedy Magic Show

Comedy magician

Our comedy magic show will have your guests belly laughing. They may not want it to stop! That’s a good problem to have.


Comedy Close up Magic

comedy close up magic

Comedy close up magic happens at very close range! It’s personable, intimate, and fun. We can perform strolling comedy close up magic—e.g. at a cocktail party, open house, or during the social hour as a warm up to the comedy magic show. Or we can perform a comedy close up magic show.   Our comedy close up magic combines great magic with funny banter—a great combination to get your guests amazed and enjoying themselves.


Comedy Street Magician

comedy street magician

If you are planning a fair or festival, an open house, or a big event with lots of people,  then a comedy street magician could be a great fit.  Short, continuous shows that draw a crowd, get them laughing and amazed, then let them move on and start up again with the next group of passers by.


Comedy Magic Party Favors

comedy magic party favors

Send your guests home with a comedy magic souvenir! Whether our ice breaker take-home tricks, or a customized trick with your organization’s name on it, we have a number of different comedy magic party favors from which you can choose.


Comedy Magic for Kids

comedy magic for kids

Planning a kids party? We can tailor our comedy magic to the age range of your kids, to get them laughing and having a lot of fun! The adults will also enjoy the comedy magic for kids, and feel like kids again themselves! If you like, we can also provide a magic workshop following the show to teach the kids a few tricks they can perform.


Comedy Magic for Adults

Close-up magic show

Planning an adult party? We can get them laughing and having fun with our comedy magic for adults. In fact, Jeff Lefton, our president, has performed at Hollywood’s Magic Castle and in Las Vegas. The combination of sleight of hand magic and comedy makes for terrific adult entertainment.


Comedy Magician St. Louis, MO and IL

Magic and comedy show

Being situated in St. Louis, Missouri, we do a lot of comedy magic in MO and IL. AR and IN, TN and KY, and IA and KS are also states in which our comedy magician entertains. If you are in a different state, we’ll do our best to bring our comedy magic to you as well.


Hire a Comedy Magician

comedy magic

A comedy magician adds a great touch to a kids or an adult event. Call or email us for more info. Hire a comedy magician today!