Circus Shows St. Louis

Looking for circus shows St. Louis?  We offer 2 types of circus shows. Plus a variety of circus performers.


Circus Acts for Kids

Circus shows St. Louis

Our interactive Circus Acts for Kids Show has lots of audience participation to get your guests actively involved. Plus there is a lot of comedy in the show, to get your guests laughing and having fun.

Audience members are invited up throughout the show to assist in various circus acts: plate spinning, feather balancing, ring contortions, and much more! Parents love seeing their kids starring in the circus shows and having fun. In between the participatory circus acts the ringmaster displays his own circus skills as well, to the delight of the crowd. When it comes to circus shows St. Louis, this is a fun circus extravaganza!


Comedy juggler

juggler - Circus Shows St. Louis

Our comedy juggler demonstrates amazing feats of dexterity with not only juggling balls, but a variety of other circus props as well. Add in his comical banter and you have a circus show that is both amazing and entertaining.  Compared to the Circus Acts for Kids Circus Show, the Comedy Juggler has some audience participation but is more an impressive demonstration of the performer’s circus skills. The Circus Acts for Kids Show is more heavily kids participating in the circus acts with some performer demonstrations.  Whichever of the circus shows St. Louis you go with, your guests are in store for a fun time!


Circus Performers

circus shows St. Louis - stilt walker

In addition to circus shows, we can provide a number of other circus performers such as:

Stilt walker

Balloon artist


Face Painter

Glitter Tattoo Artist


Comedy Magician

Interactive Circus Play Area

We can even put together a whole circus themed party!

Learn more about our circus performers.

Circus Shows St. Louis, MO and IL

kids circus show

Where do we perform our circus shows? Since we are based in St. Louis, Missouri, many of our circus shows are in MO and IL and IN. However, our circus show does travel quite a bit to TN and KY, IA and AR, and throughout the U.S. Let us know where you need a circus show and we’ll see if we can juggle our schedule to be there.


Circus Performers for Hire

circus acts for hire

No matter what type of circus shows St. Louis you want–Interactive Circus Show, Comedy Juggler, or other circus performers, we look forward to helping add laughter and fun to your event. Call or email us when you need circus acts for hire.