Math Magic After School Classes St. Louis

Looking for math magic after school classes St. Louis? Our math magic classes have 3 goals:

math magic after school classes St. Louis
  • Hone mental math skills
  • Excite kids about math. Show how much fun math is.
  • Develop presentation skills and confidence


Math Magic Classes 2016-2017

We offer new math magic after school classes St. Louis every year.  This year we are proud to present…


math magic after school classes St. Louis - mathemagic
  • Mind read the number a spectator is thinking of!
  • Instantly add a colum of 4-digit numbers!
  • Make balls travel mysteriously from 1 hand to another!

Learn these tricks and more in our new math magic class!  Students get their own magic case and new props to put in it each class.  You may well get a nightly show!  The tricks are math-based.  So while students develop their presentation skills as they enjoy learning magic, they are also sharpening skills in addition, subtraction, measurement, counting, even-odd, and geometric shapes.  Class concludes with students putting on a math magic show for their families.  Tricks are all new from the last 3 years.


Math Magic After School Classes St. Louis, MO and IL

math magic after school classes St. Louis, MO and IL

We present our after school math magic classes at elementary schools throughout the St. Louis metro area in both Missouri and Illinois.  To see if we have any classes scheduled at your child’s school, please call or email us.  If we don’t, we’d be glad to try to start one.  Ask about how you can get free tuition if you help us get math magic after school classes St. Louis started at your school!  If you have interest in a class but are not in the St. Louis area, let us know and we’ll see if we can help.


Math Magic Classes as Part of a Bigger After School Enrichment Program

math magic classes and more

Abra-Kid-Abra is a member of a consortium of leading after school providers called ACES (After-school Collaborative Enrichment Services).  ACES offers students a variety of after school enrichment experiences— lego engineering, fun science, art, , magic, circus,…  For more information, call or email us.  Or check out our ACES website.

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Math Magic – Additional Programs

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math magician show

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Call or email us for more info on our additional Math Magic Programs.