Circus Camp St. Louis

Welcome to Abra-Kid-Abra’s Circus Camp St. Louis.  What a fun way to spend a week!  Circus camp is lots of hands-on fun! It helps kids develop presentation skills in front of a group and self confidence.  The last day of camp, the kids put on a circus for their families!

Circus camp St. Louis is three camps in one:  circus camp, clown camp, and balloon camp.


Circus Camp

Look at all of the fun circus equipment your child will get to play with and learn in circus camp!  Each day we introduce new circus elements.  Your child will learn tricks with the equipment, and watch their mastery develop over the week!  Developing skills with the circus equipment is the biggest part of camp.  Here is a sampling:

Plate Spinning

plate spinning

Flower Sticks

flower sticks

Ribbon Twirling

ribbon twirling

Scarf Juggling

circus workshop

Feather Balancing

feather balancing

Ring Juggling

ring juggling



Stilt Walking

stilt walking

Rolla Bolla

rolla bolla



Shaker Cups

shaker cups

Tablecloth Pull

tablecloth pull


Clown Camp

clown camp

In the clown camp segment, participants learn a variety of clown skits that they perform with their friends. Performing the clown skits in groups is a very popular part of Circus Camp St. Louis.  Campers also learn clown gags.  The slapstick and clown antics give the kids an opportunity to be silly, work with others, and have fun!


Balloon Twisting Camp

Balloon twisting camp

What is a circus without balloons?  In the balloon twisting camp segment, your child will learn to twist a number of different balloon creations, which they will proudly bring home to show you!


Circus Camp St. Louis, MO and IL

circus camp St. Louis

We put on Circus Camp St. Louis in schools and community centers throughout the St. Louis area, in both Missouri and Illinois. So no matter whether you live in Glendale or Glen Carbon, Maryland Heights or Fairview Heights, we have a circus camp

Circus Camp St. Louis Schedule

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DateLocationTimeCampFeeTo RegisterRegion
7/23-7/27Abra-Kid-Abra (Webster)9am-3pmCircus$197/0ERegister Online
or call 314-961-6912
8/06-8/10YMCA Chesterfield9am-4pmCircus$210/230ARegister Online
or call 636-532-6515
FOOTNOTES:A: Resident/non resident or Member/Non member.B: member/non member. After 3/8: $220/$240.
Book 1: $175. Book 2: $165 ea. Book 3: $155 ea. Book before 6/1 for discount.
D: Half day Abra-Kid-Abra camp, half day traditional day camp.E: Camps at Abra-Kid-Abra: Book 2 wks, save $25.00; 3 wks save $75.00; 4 or 5 wks save $197.00--get 1 week free!