Coupon Birthday Party



learn magic-rabbits Give the gift of a birthday party at Abra-Kid-Abra.  They can use this certificate to book a party anytime in the next 2 years, limited only by our availablitiy.

Our birthday center offers the following fun for the kids:

Time on our inflatables to bounce and get rid of all their energy–well, most of their energy,

A Magic show starring the birthday child.

Time in our cake room.  While we do not provide any food or drink, anything you bring, or have delivered, are fine, and we do provide all the plates, napkins, and cups as well as anything else you may need.

A workshop where we teach the kids some magic that they can do.

Goody bags filled with that magic, and a couple of other fun things.

Balloon animals for all the kids.

This event lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The fee is $295 for up to 15 children, and $5 per child over that. We do not count adults in that 15, nor do we count babies or the birthday child.

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