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Math Puzzle - Sum Equals Product

Product = Sum? You Must be Kidding!

What is the only 2-digit number where the product of its digits equals the sum of its digits? E.g. could it be 37?  3×7=21.  3+7=10.  These don’t match, so it’s not 37.  What is it then? 

Math Puzzle - Largest Number with 2 Digits

What is the largest number that can be made with 2 digits?

This one is trickier than you think!

Math Puzzle - Arrange Five Six's

Can You Arrange Five 6’s so They Equal 19?

You can put the 6’s together however you’d like.  And you can use whatever arithmetic symbols you want:  +, -, x, or /.  Tough one, eh?

Math Puzzle - Arrange Eight Four's

Can You Arrange Eight 4’s so They Total 176?

April is the 4th month, so a puzzle about 4’s seems appropriate.  You can put the 4’s together however you’d like.  And you can use any arithmetic operations:  +, -, x, or /. 

Math Puzzle - What # is a square and a cube

What’s the Only 2-Digit Number that is Both a Cube and a Square?

There’s one number that equals something multiplied by itself, and something else cubed.  Any idea what that special number is?

Learn Magic - Lightning Multiply by 11

Learn Magic: Lighting Multiplication x 11

What’s 62 x 11?  11 x 43?  Calculate these and many more instantly in your head!

Learn Magic - Mind Reading the Difference

Learn Magic: Mind Reading the Difference

Your friends will be amazed by this trick with a double wow! Learn to perform this trick! Make your own version of this using unruled index cards. If you like this trick, check out our after school classes.  Ask your school or us if any are scheduled this year at your school.  If not, contact us and let’s get one started!

How do you make 7 Even?

July is the 7th month, so what more appropriate than a 7’s  puzzler!  Can you make 7 even?  Or is this an impossibility?

First of the Year Puzzler

A Fourth of July Magic Puzzle for You

In honor of July 4th, here is a puzzler for you. Our nation has had a lot of birthdays.  When counting, what is the first number you come to that contains the letter “a”? 

math magic: the unique number 4

What’s Unusual about the Number 4?

It’s the fourth month so why not a magic puzzle about the number 4.  What is unique about the number 4 that is not found with any other number?