fun kitchen puzzler

A Fun Kitchen Puzzler

Nitram and his mother, Mrs. Rendrag, did the dishes after dinner. “Now that we’re finished with the dishes,” Mrs. Rendrag said, “let’s do the STOP AND SNAP.” These words “stop” and “snap” don’t make sense. Can you make a simple letter change to figure out what she actually said? Can you do something similar to deduce their real names?

Can You Figure out this Entertainment Word Puzzle?

math magic 1803 word puzzle

Can you summon your sleuthing skills to deduce what this is saying?

word puzzle 1803

Can you solve the March wordle?

Learn Magic - Lost at Sea - magic square

Learn Magic: Lost at Sea

March is Pi Day.  Here’s a fun math trick to amaze your friends! Ready to learn to perform this?  Remember:  Please don’t reveal the secret! Download your Lost at Sea Sheet.  Two versions are enclosed:  one with smaller numbers, and a challenge version with larger ones.  This trick uses a magic square.  Although there are lots of varied numbers, and even different row and

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magic puzzle stamp conundrum

Stamp Puzzler: You Won’t Believe This One!

I have a problem. I have 4 rows of 3 stamps, as you see in the picture.  However, my stamp album only has room for 3 rows of 4 stamps.  Life is challenging at times, isn’t it!  Can you make 1 continuous tear along the perforations so theses stamps will fit in the album? 

Math Puzzle - Sum Equals Product

Product = Sum? You Must be Kidding!

What is the only 2-digit number where the product of its digits equals the sum of its digits? E.g. could it be 37?  3×7=21.  3+7=10.  These don’t match, so it’s not 37.  What is it then? 


Can you figure this wordle?

Learn Magic - Blanket Levitation

Learn Magic: Blanket Levitation

A blanket keeps you warm this time of year. Learn to make someone levitate beneath it!

Magic Puzzle - Longer is Shorter

What 5 Letter Word Becomes Shorter When You ADD 2 Letters to It?

Is this possible?  Or have we lost our marbles?