Giant Wand Magic Set – Video and Printed Instructions

Giant Wand Magic Set Videos

Thanks for your interest in our Giant Wand Magic Set!

giant wand magic kit

Below are 3 resources to help you learn magic:

  1. Videos to teach you 67 of our favorite tricks.  The tricks use both the props in your kit and items commonly found around the house.
  2. Printed instructions for the 67 tricks.  (Plus, in your kit you’ll find a booklet teaching 50 more tricks!)
  3. Additional resources for learning magic.

As you go through these, remember the 3 rules of magic:

  1. Never reveal your secrets.
  2. Practice.  Don’t get frustrated if it takes many tries to master some of these tricks.
  3. Don’t repeat a trick for the same audience.

Have fun!

 Prop Tricks In Your Kit:


General Magic:


Money Magic:


Card Magic:


Mind Reading Magic:


Math Magic:


Dinner Table Magic:


Downloadable Printed Materials:

Here are printed instructions to all 67 tricks taught above.  Click the rabbit image to download.  You can then print out the instructions, or read them on your screen:

Giant Wand Magic Set Instructions

Here are downloadable tricks referenced above.  Click the images to download:


Other Resources for Learning Magic


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