What Kind of Snacks to Serve for Winter Child Care Center Programs?

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It’s wintertime and you are planning programs around snow, winter, and Frosty the Snowman at your child center.  If only you could think of a snack to go with this theme!  Something simple but tasty.

Fear no longer!  Here are 3 snowman snack ideas for your Frosty the Snowman theme event!

1.  Banana Snowmen

You’ll need:  bananas, apples, pretzel sticks, grapes, raisins or chocolate chips, orange starburst candy, and paper plates.  Cut the bananas into slices (thick is good).  Cut the starburst into carrot-like pieces.  Slice the apples in 8ths, then in half lengthwise.  Have the kids put 3 banana slices on a skewer, like a snowman.  Then skewer an apple piece, then a grape on top to look like Frosty’s hat.  Set the snowman on a paper plate.  Stick 2 pretzel sticks in opposite sides of the middle banana to look like arms.  Use the raisins or chocolate chips as the buttons, mouth, and eyes.  Use the orange starburst as the nose.

2.  Doughnut Snowmen

Skwer 3 powdered sugar doughnut holes to look like a snowman.  Use pretzel sticks for his arms and chocolate chips for the eyes.

3.  Snowmen Cupcakes

Ice your cupcakes with white icing.  Add a large marshmallow, decorating the sides with food marker like the snowman’s face.  For the hat, use a think chocolate wafer cookie and either a Peanut Butter Cup or a Junior Mint atop the wafer.  Create a scarf using a strip of Fruit by the foot around his neck.  For arms, use pretzel sticks under the marshmallow in the cupcake.

safety magic show st. Louis - audience

What to do after this tasty snowman treat?  Why our Frosty’s Birthday Party Magic Show, of course!  The kids will laugh and have fun.  Watch their excitement when Frosty himself arrives at the end to greet them!

Treat ideas courtesy of The Storytime Handbook by Nina Schatzkamer Miller.  Available on Amazon.


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