Looking for a juggler to add fun and laughter to an upcoming event?


Perhaps you have a lot of balls in the air planning your event, so you are somewhat of a juggler yourself!

A good juggler makes for great entertainment, and that’s what we aim to provide at your event.


Juggling Act

juggling act

We juggle a lot of different items during our juggling act.  In addition to ball juggling, a juggling act might include plate spinning, flower stick manipulation, unicycle, boxes, rings, and more!  An amazing exhibition of skillful manipulation of a variety of juggling props.

In addition to a juggling act, we can also perform strolling juggling feats.  This can be a warm-up for the juggling show, or fun entertainment in itself.


Street Juggler

street juggler

Planning a fair or festival, or an event where you have a large crowd?  A street juggler can wow your guests with short, 10-15 minute acts, get them laughing, then let them move on to something else and start up again when the next group comes by.


Comedy Juggler

Along with the juggling comes a line of comedy patter to keep your audience entertained, and to get them not only amazed, but laughing and having fun as well.  There is audience participation during the juggling act which has comical byplay as well.  You guests will laugh and remember this juggling act and the fun they had at your event for a long time!


Juggling workshop

juggling workshop

If you like, following the juggling act, we can conduct a brief juggling workshop, teaching the kids some juggling and circus feats of their own!


Balloon Twisting

Balloon twisting

Some of our jugglers also do balloon twisting.  If you would like the juggler to make balloons for the kids to take home after the juggling act, we can try to make that happen as well.


Juggler St. Louis, MO and IL and IN

juggler St. Louis

Since we are based in St. Louis, MO, many of our juggling performances are in Missouri and Illinois.  Our jugglers also perform in IN and AR, as well as TN and KY.  Let us know where you need the juggler to be and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


Jugglers for Hire

jugglers for hire

To put it all together:  a skillful juggling act, comedy mixed in throughout, possible additions of a juggling workshop and balloon twisting, and you have a very nice entertainment package.  If you seek jugglers for hire, please call or email us.  We look forward to helping make your event fun and memorable.