Cub Scout Blue & Gold and Pack Meeting Entertainment: Why Magic is a Great Choice

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The Blue & Gold Banquet is coming around and it’s your job to book the entertainment.  What will you bring in this year?  An after dinner speaker?  You don’t want to put the kids to sleep!  A puppet show?  Great for the young ones, but the older scouts could get antsy.  What to bring in, then, that will hold the attention of a wide range of ages, including, hopefully, the adults?

How about a magician?  Magic can be great entertainment for Blue & Gold and pack meetings.  Here is why, and some tips for hiring a magician to make your scout meeting a success:

  • Magic appeals to all ages. Young kids, older kids, and even adults love a good magic show.  Magic has broad appeal.
  • Magic is unique. You don’t see a live magician very often.  Which makes it a special treat for your scout group!
  • Choose a magician who is funny. Comedy magic gives you a double impact.  It amazes the audience with the tricks and (perhaps more importantly) entertains your audience with comedy. It’s great to get the kids and adults laughing and having fun!
  • Choose a magic show that has a scout theme. If some of the tricks involve ropes or neckerchiefs, for example, it relates to scouting, which is a nice tie-in, and can help promote being a cub scout.
  • If you can find a magician who can teach and send your scouts home with a trick they can perform, that is a nice bonus. Some magicians offer a magic workshop after the show to teach the scouts several tricks they can perform to amaze their friends.  Performing magic can be a nice confidence booster for the scouts and help them develop their presentation skills in front of a group.

Whatever program you decide on for your Blue & Gold banquet or pack meeting, I’m sure you will make a good choice.  And if the program can make your event magical, so much the better!


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