A Family Puzzler for Thanksgiving

puzzler: ben's mother

Here’s a fun family puzzler to try out at your Thanksgiving gathering.

Ben’s mother has 3 children.  (Show 3 coins on your palm–a nickel, dime, & penny.)  The first one is named Nicole (push the nickel forward).  The second is named Diamond Jim (push the dime forward).  What is the third child’s name?

3 kids puzzler

Answer:  Ben!

The coins are a distraction, and an effort to get them to say “Penny”, the remaining coin.  (“Ben’s mother has 3 children”–so 1 of them must be named Ben!)

You like these puzzlers and want more?  Check out our blog.  Speaking of entertaining your guests, if your family or organization is planning a holiday party, we have some great holiday entertainment ideas to add to the fun.  Contact us for more info.


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