3 Firsts this Weekend for Abra

#1.  Today was the culmination of our first Magical Mystery Camp.  This is a brand new camp for us this year.  Thanks to performer and instructor, Howie Hirshfield for developing it.  The campers put on their show today, which they wrote:  The Mystery of the Lost Puppy.  I am excited to hear how it went.

#2.  We have a family coming to our magic party place this weekend all the way from Columbia, MO to celebrate their birthday.  I have been surprised at how far people come to have birthdays at our location:  St. Charles; O’Fallon; Swansea, IL; Imperial…   But Columbia–2 hours away–is the farthest we’ve had.

#3.  Tomorrow we are performing at a triple birthday party.  We have had 2 birthday children a number of times, but I think this will be our first time with 3!



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