Magic Camp St. Louis

Magic Summer Camp St. Louis

Looking for magic camp St. Louis? We have been teaching magic camp in the St. Louis area since 2005. Exciting kids about magic is our passion!

Learn Magic

magic camp St. Louis

In our 2016 magic camp campers will learn to:

  • Read a spectator’s mind!
  • Defy gravity!
  • Cause a selected card to appear in Chicago!

These are just a few of the tricks they’ll learn in our Magic Camp St. Louis, Mind Reading and Other Cool Tricks!  They’ll learn money tricks, card tricks, handkerchief tricks, tricks they can do at school, …  They’ll learn to levitate all sorts of objects–even people!  They’ll learn to make inanimate objects move.  They’ll be able to amaze their friends.  They might even become the life of the party!

 My son loved it. He had so much fun! Now he wants to be a magician when he grows up!  –Godfrey, IL parent

Presentation Skills for Kids

learn magic at magic camp St. Louis

 She gained the confidence not only do each trick, but she completes her show with the stories.   –Kellison Elementary parent

When kids learn magic, without them knowing it they are developing their presentation skills in front of a group.  Presentation skills are important life skills.  By getting them comfortable performing their tricks early on, they are less apt to be fearful of presenting when they get older.

Camp culminates with the students starring in a show they put on for their families.  This helps Abra-Kid-Abra achieve our mission–Bringing out the STAR in kids.


Fun Camp

magic camp st. louis - fun camp

 The kids said, ‘Finally a fun camp!’ They practice the tricks. They also talk about the fun. It was awesome!   –Des Peres parent

Not only do campers learn magic, but also:

Magic puzzles

These are fun challenges campers can show their friends. For instance, how much tea is in the average size tea kettle? What gets wetter as it dries? How do you make a pear disappear? (For answers to these and more, visit

Comedy magic skits

Campers learn comedy magic skits that they perform with others. They have a lot of fun with this!

Twisting balloons

balloon twisting

Magic camp St. Louis campers enjoy bringing home balloon shapes that THEY have twisted, and proudly showing them off!

Make your own magic tricks

Campers get to make some of their own magic tricks. These are special props that they take home.

Magic performance activities

Campers are treated to a number of performance activities throughout the week. This can include the instructor performing tricks for them, the kids performing for each other, the kids putting on a show, etc.

Take-Home Tricks

Campers get their own magic briefcase and new tricks to put in it daily.  This means that magic camp St. Louis is not only fun for the campers, but for their families as well.  As one parent put it:

I enjoyed the evening magic show my child put on for us each night!”  —Kirkwood parent

Magic Camps St. Louis

math magic camps

We offer other magic camps as well. Our Magic Math Summer Camp St. Louis teach tricks that are math-based. Kids develop not only presentation skills, but mental math skills as well! The material in each of our magic camps is different. So attend them all!  The tricks are also different from our previous 2 years of camps.


Magic Camp St. Louis, MO, IL

We offer magic camps throughout the St. Louis area, both in Missouri and Illinois. So no matter whether you live in Kirkwood or Hazelwood, in Belleville or Edwardsville, we have a magic camp St. Louis in a school or community center nearby.