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Magic tricks you can perform!  Learn to do magic to amaze family and friends.  Don’t reveal your secrets.  Just perform a trick once for the same audience.  And make sure to practice!

Learn Magic - Lost at Sea - magic square

Learn Magic: Lost at Sea

March is Pi Day.  Here’s a fun math trick to amaze your friends! Ready to learn to perform this?  Remember:  Please don’t reveal the secret! Download your Lost at Sea Sheet.  Two versions are enclosed:  one with smaller numbers, and a challenge version with larger ones.  This trick uses a magic square.  Although there are lots of varied numbers, and even different row and

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Learn Magic - Blanket Levitation

Learn Magic: Blanket Levitation

A blanket keeps you warm this time of year. Learn to make someone levitate beneath it!

Learn Magic - Add 10 Consecutive Numbers

Learn Magic: Lightning Add 10 Consecutive Numbers!

Back in school, you’ll drop some jaws with this one!

Learn Magic - Famous Pets

Learn Magic: Pet Mind Reading

Amaze with your ability to read minds!

Learn Magic - Bounce Roll

Learn Magic: How to Bounce a Dinner Roll!

Master this one and get some laughs at the holiday dinner table!

Learn Magic - Bermuda Square Triangle

Learn Magic: Beware the Bermuda Triangle!

Vanish a raft in this map of the Bermuda Triangle!

Learn Magic - Coin Across

Learn Magic: Coin Across – Amaze with 1 Coin!

Stun your audience–with just 1 coin!

Learn Magic - Coin-Pen Vanish

Learn Magic: Coin-Pen Vanish

It’s back to school time. Here is a trick with a pencil and a coin with which to amaze your friends! Wand to learn to perform this? Would you like to learn more magic? We may be offering an after school magic class at your school! Call or email us to find out.  314-961-6912.  If not, let’s see if we can get one started.

Learn Magic - 7 Penny Trick

Learn Magic: The Great 7 Penny Trick!

Make a coin disappear from a spectator’s hand!

Learn Magic - Cattle Rustlers

Learn Magic: Cattle Rustlers

A mystifying trick with a great story! Want to learn to do this one? If you enjoy story magic, check out our summer camps St. Louis!  Particularly our magic mystery camp–a combination of magic and theater, where campers write and put on their own magical mystery show.