Princess Party Places St. Louis

Looking for princess party places St. Louis?   We would like to make your princess feel like a princess at her birthday party. Plus we’ll get her friends laughing and having fun. And you can relax, talk with your friends, and enjoy the party!  Here is a 2 minute video on our magical birthday party place St. Louis.  (It’s not a princess party specifically, but it gives you an idea.)

Birthday Princess Party Places St. Louis

princess party places St. Louis

As your guests arrive and approach our magical entryway, their magical princess party adventure is just beginning!

We are located at 803 Lafayette Ave in the Webster Groves area of St. Louis. We are 1 block east of Brentwood Blvd., 1.5 miles south of highway 40, and 1.5 miles north of highway 44 (at Elm). We are 5 mins from The Galleria and 5 mins from downtown Webster, so if parents don’t want to stay, they can run some errands or have a cup of coffee nearby. People come to us from throughout the St. Louis metro area—including from IL, St. Charles, Imperial, O’Fallon, …

Our magical princess party is divided into 4 parts:


Princess Party Places St. Louis Bounce House

Bounce House-Abra-Kid-Abra party place

Our bounce house provides fun physical activity for the kids, and enables them to work off some energy! Our magical-themed bounce has 2 rooms, each with a basketball hoop. So the kids can enjoy shooting nerf basketball baskets, or just bouncing with their friends.

princess party obstacle course

They also enjoy playing on our inflatable obstacle course. It has 2 lanes and 5 obstacles, culminating in a slide. The kids enjoy running back and forth between the 2 inflatables. Aren’t you glad they’re running around our place, rather than chasing each other around your house!

After 30 minutes on the inflatables, we line up the kids for a group photo in front of the obstacle course—a great keepsake!


Princess Party Places St. Louis Comedy Magic Show

princess party magic show

Next, we take the kids into our mini theater room for a fun, princess-themed magic show. The kids sit on the floor, and any adults who’d like to watch sit on chairs in the back.

The tricks are woven into a story about a magical princess—your daughter. She gets into a predicament, but using her magical princess powers, saves the day and her kingdom day at the end. There is a lot of comedy to get the kids (and adults) laughing throughout the show. Your daughter is the main helper and co-star of the show! (Presuming she likes helping. If she prefers not to, we can use others and she can sit back and enjoy the show.) The show lasts about 30 minutes.

birthday party magic show appearance

If you like, we can open the show with your daughter magically appearing from an empty box!

princess party magic show levitation

And we can close the show with her floating in thin air!


Princess Party Places St. Louis Food

Princess Party Food

By now the kids are getting hungry. So the birthday princess leads everyone into the cake room. You are welcome to bring in whatever food and drink you’d like. We provide cups, plates, napkins, plasticware, tablecloths, and festive décor.

princess party balloons

While the kids are eating, we make each of them an animal balloon to take home. They are in the cake room for about 30 minutes.


Princess Party Places St. Louis Favors

The last 15 minutes of the princess party are spent in our prizes room.

princess party prizes

We go over the items in their goodie bags, teaching them how to do the different tricks and novelties. For example, one of the items in their princess goodie bag is a princess wand. We teach them 2 tricks they can do with it!

princess party goodie bag

For the grand finale, the birthday princess goes into our prizes machine. The (play) money starts to swirl around and she has 30 seconds to grab as many bills as she can, cheered on by her friends! The number of bills she grabs determines which special birthday prize she gets.

prize machine - birthday party place

Usually she gets the big prize—a magic set in the shape of a giant wand. It has a dozen different tricks inside, with instructions for doing 100 tricks.

princess party places-magic set

If you’d like, we can also provide a top hat and magic wand for each of your guests!

princess party hats and wands


Princess Party Places St. Louis Pricing

Princess Birthday Party

For pricing or answers to questions you may have, please complete the form below. Or call us at 314-961-6912. We look forward to giving your guests a magical experience with our magical princess party!


Princess Parties at Your Location

We also put on princess parties at your location.  We don’t bring the inflatables or our prize machine, and you’ll have to set up, decorate, and clean up.  But we do provide most everything else.

  • e.g. Barb Smith