Magic Birthday Party Place Details and Pricing

Lots of Fun is in Store with Your Birthday Party at Abra-Kid-Abra’s Magic Party Place!

Pre-party, you’ll get a written confirmation with all the details.  We’ll touch base a few days prior.  You’ll also get downloadable invitations that you are welcome to use.  Type in the particulars (time, date, rsvp) once, then print them out.  This saves you the time of having to individually write the particulars on each invitation.

There are 4 parts to your 1.75 hour party:

Enter a world of magic at Abra-Kid-Abra
Abra-Kid-Abra Magical Entrance

“That was the most fun “I” have ever had at a 6 year olds birthday and believe me we have been to a bunch of places. I couldn’t be more happy. At the end of the party, my son said, “This was the best birthday EVER!” on his own.”

Nikki B.

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Inflatable Fun

Kids love playing on our 2 magic-themed inflatables.

2 room basketball bounce
inflatable bounce

Our bounce has 2 rooms, enabling us to separate bigger and smaller children. Each room has a basketball hoop–so, in addition to bouncing, the kids can enjoy playing nerf basketball!

obstacle course
inflatable obstacle course

Our inflatable obstacle course challenges the kids with 5 different obstacles!  It has 2 lanes, and culminates with a popular slide at the end.  After 30 minutes of play, they are ready to sit down and enjoy the show! To do that, the kids (and adults) file into our mini theater room.

Comedy Magic Show

Your child will feel special, co-starring and serving as the main helper in our magic show. There is lots of comedy and audience and interaction that will have the kids and adults alike laughing and having fun! The magic show lasts about 30 minutes, and is geared to the age of your audience.  At the end, the kids line up behind the birthday child, who leads them into the cake room.

Comedy Magician
Comedian Magician

“The kids felt immediately welcome (the bouncy house is a great idea) and they absolutely loved the magician. The adults were just dying with laughter too. The set up was very simple from a parent’s logistics perspective. We may even do another party there next year. You guys were the best!”

Margaux Guiney

Cake Room and Balloons

Our party room is festively decorated. You may bring whatever food and drink you’d like.  We supply plates, cups, napkins, plasticware, and table cloths, so you don’t have to worry about any of that.  Some bring cup cakes and Capri Sun juice packets to drink.  Others get more elaborate and bring things such as sheet cake, pizza, ice cream, snacks for the adults,…

While the kids are enjoying the birthday cake, we make each child an animal balloon to take home. We handle the clean-up, so nothing to worry about there.  The kids spend about 25-30 minutes in the cake room.

party room at Abra-Kid-Abra
Abra-Kid-Abra cake room

“The kids were delighted with the birthday party and loved everything about it! I would certainly recommend your services. This was a unique way to celebrate the day and sparked the imagination of everyone that was there. It was neat to see the kids enthused about something other than TV and video games.”

Cathy Stewart

Prizes Room

For the last 15-20 minutes we take the kids into the prizes room. We go through the 6 items they’ll get in their goodie bags, teaching them how to do the different magic tricks and novelties that they will take home.

goodie bags
loot bag

For the grand finale, your child steps into our whirlwind of fortune chamber. Play bills swirl all around him, and he has 30 seconds to grab as many as he can, which determines which of 3 special birthday prizes he’ll win. His friends cheer him on until he emerges with a fist full of bills to claim his birthday prize.

prize machine - birthday party place
Prizes Machine
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We offer two optional extras to make your party even more special:

Illusion Package

This includes 3 illusions–special, bigger tricks–starring your child.

birthday party magic show appearance
Birthday Child Magically Appears!

To open the show, we are ready to begin, but can’t find the birthday girl. There is a large box sitting there. Could she be inside? No, we look in there, but it’s empty. The kids say some magic words and out pops your child, making a grand entrance by magic!

Comedy Magician St. Louis
Wand bigger than Child!

In the middle of the show, your child helps in a very funny trick with some giant magic wands.  To make the magic work, your child waves a succession of increasingly bigger wands, culminating with a 6′ long wand that is much bigger than they are!


Levitation of Birthday Child
Birthday Child Floats in Thin Air!

To close the show, we float your child in mid air! This often elicits gasps. this may be the only chance your child ever gets to be magically suspended in the air! Both illusions make great pictures that will provide your child fun memories for years to come.


Hats and Wands Package

Each child takes home their own top hat and magic wand, making them look and feel like magicians! These make great favors. The wands are packaged with our special instructions that teach 6 tricks they can do with their wand. The hats are made of black plastic.


A wand and a top hat
Wand and Top Hat

“The best birthday party they ever went to. Awesome!!”

Mrs. Bluestone


The basic package with the inflatables, magic show, downloadable invitations, goodie bags, animal balloons, partyware, and whirlwind of fortune/special birthday prize is $295 for up to 15 children (the birthday child is free). Over that is $5/child.

The Illusions Package and the Hats and Wand Package are $50 each.

FAQs about our Birthday Party Place

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