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Birthday Party Booking Form

Abra-Kid-Abra Magic Party Place
Birthday Party Booking Form
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Event Name. Include Birthday Child's Name & Age (e.g. Charlie's 8th Birthday) 
Party Start Time (Typically 1pm,2pm, or 3pm Sat & Sun) 
Party End Time (1 hr 45 mins) 
Approximate Number of Kids Expected 
2 Extras to Make Your
Party Even More Fun!
1) Hats and wands for each child.

Wands are packaged with instructions for 6 tricks you can do with the wand. Top hats are black plastic. 

2) Big Illusions starring your child!

We are ready to start the show, but where is the birthday child? Is he in the big box? No. The kids say “Happy Birthday Joey” and Joey magically appears from the box! Talk about a grand entrance!

To close the show, Joey floats suspended in mid air!

Both illusions make great photos that you’ll treasure for a long time. This may be the only opportunity your child ever has to magically appear and to levitate! 



Please indicate the number of any extra(s) you’d like—1 and/or 2. Each extra is $50.
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