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summer reading puzzler

Summer Reading Puzzler

Challenge:  Can you arrange the letters of “new door” to form one word?

magic mystery camp St. Louis

Learn Magic with this Magic Mystery Camp St. Louis Trick

Can you put the pieces together to pull of this trick?  If so, check out our Magical Mystery Camp St. Louis.  You’ll love creating and solving magical mysteries there! Learn how to do this magical mystery trick yourself!

math magic money

Using Math Magic to Make Some Money This Summer

Tell your parents that, being the good child that you are, you have decided that you would like to wash the dishes each night after dinner.  You’d like to be paid a little for your services, but your wages are reasonable.  You’d like to be paid 1 cent the first night, 2 cents the second night, 4 cents the third night, etc.  We’ll try

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