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Learn Magic - Lightning Multiply by 11

Learn Magic: Lighting Multiplication x 11

What’s 62 x 11?  11 x 43?  Calculate these and many more instantly in your head!

Learn Magic - Mind Reading the Difference

Learn Magic: Mind Reading the Difference

Your friends will be amazed by this trick with a double wow! Learn to perform this trick! Make your own version of this using unruled index cards. If you like this trick, check out our after school classes.  Ask your school or us if any are scheduled this year at your school.  If not, contact us and let’s get one started!

Learn Magic - Number Card Prediction

Learn Magic: Amazing Number Card Prediction

Your friends will be amazed not once, but twice by this one!

spectator lightning calculation

Learn Magic: Add Numbers Faster than a Calculator

Show people that you are an amazing math wizard.  You can add several 4-digit numbers in your head in less than 3 seconds!  Learn this math magic trick.