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learn magic - hyrum card trick

Learn Magic: A Card Trick for Earth Day

Want to learn a fun card trick?  In honor of Earth Day, here is an entertaining card trick you can do involving our earthy friend, Hyrum the Flea!

math magic

Invisible Dice–Math Magic for Pi Month

March is the month of Pi Day (3/14).  So, what a great time for you to entertain friends and family with a little math magic!  This one is funny as well as impressive. Want to perform this trick?  Here’s how: 

Learn magic: committee vanish

Learn Magic: Vanish by Committee

Did you know that February is Dental Hygiene Month? Here is a trick to amaze your friends where you can make a small tube of toothpaste or dental floss disappear!

coin magic

An Impressive Stunt with Coins

Liven up the dreary days of winter with coin stunt that will have them saying “Wow!”

holiday gift magic

A Holiday Gift Magic Trick

The holidays is a season of giving.  Delight your friends and family with this comical trick about winning a fabulous gift! Want to learn to present this trick? 

Thanksgiving magic

Mind Reading at the Dinner Table

At your Thanksgiving gathering, gather together 6 objects and amaze your family! Learn how to perform this feat! 

learn magic: mr. wizzard

Learn Magic: A Halloween Mind Reading Trick

Want to learn to perform this magic trick?

learn magic: even odd psychic

Learn Magic: The Even-Odd Psychic

Learn to perform this magic trick!

spectator lightning calculation

Learn Magic: Add Numbers Faster than a Calculator

Show people that you are an amazing math wizard.  You can add several 4-digit numbers in your head in less than 3 seconds!  Learn this math magic trick.

Learn Magic: A Library Magic Trick You Can Do

This trick will help figure out what you want to be when you grow up–by magic.  You can also visit the library to get info on different occupations.  They have books on everything!  Make sure you are signed up for their summer reading program, by the way. Learn how to do this library magic trick!  Download your materials:  What Do You Want to Be

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