Santa Calls

Santa noticed all the Holiday Lights while returning from his spring vacation. “What was this?” he thought. “Am I late? No. Its people showing their community spirit, their positive attitude, and their determination to beat this virus.” So Santa decided, he can’t go visiting people right now. There is no safe way to sit on his lap. But he can plan a virtual visit.

5 Minute visits over the phone, or through the screen, are available for a limited time. Whats more, if you have holiday lights up on your house, or plan to, or show some of the community spirit, Santa will double that time for no additional fee.

  • First and last please
  • That you want to receive the call on
  • Please list your children Santa will be talking to, their ages, and special notes you would like Santa to discuss--special achievements or areas of behavior that Santa should discuss with them.
  • Ho. Ho. Ho
  • $0.00