Super Deluxe Magic Set

Super Deluxe Magic Set
Super Deluxe Magic Kit



This sensational kit includes props and instructions for over 100 tricks! You get Sponge Balls, Penetration Frame, Siberian Chain Escape, your own Magic Wand, Drawer Box, Rice Bowls, and many more (see list & 2nd inside the box photo below)! Best of all, it includes an hour long instructional DVD teaching you how to perform the props in the kit! $40.





Super Delue Kit--Inside View
Super Deluxe Kit Inside


Additional tricks include: Crazy Cube, Wonder Blocks, Elevator Trick, Clip the Queen, Vanishing Bowl, Water Suspension, Dime to 50 Cents, Bowl Routine, Shrinking Wand, Himber’s Magic Wallet, Puzzling Postcard, Posters of the Greats, Elongated Ladies, Deland’s Fadeaway Card Trick, Bare Handed Salt Vanish, Levitation of Princess Karnak, Sawing a Woman in Half, Multiplying Billiard Balls.