The Haunted Mansion


A murder was committed in the haunted mansion.  The spectator’s job is to determine which of the 12 rooms it happened in.  “I understand”, you explain to the spectator, “that you are an excellent detective.  Is that true?”   The spectator makes a series of random moves on the above board, and winds up in one final room.  It proves to be the room the murder was committed in, matching your prediction!  Would you like to present this trick?

Download the Haunted Mansion trick.  It is 2 pages.  If possible, print 1 page double sided.  Or tape the 2 together so you have a front and back.

Have a spectator follow the 6 instructions, moving her finger from room to room.  Although it seems like she could wind up in most any room, actually she always winds up in the dungeon!  When she does, turn the paper over, revealing your prediction–that she will end up in the dungeon!


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