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Magic Puzzle - Bet I Can Tell Card You Cut To

Bet I Can Tell the Card You Cut To!

Set the deck of cards on the table.  The spectator can cut the deck anyplace he’d like.  Without touching the cards, you’ll be able to tell what card he cut to!  Is this possible, or is it a bunch of huey? 

Magic Puzzle - Snowball Sentence

What is a Snowball Sentence?

A snowball sentence, a teacher explained to her class, is one where each word is longer than the preceeding one.  “Do you understand?”, she asked a student.  “I am not sure, teacher”, she said.  Did she understand?  How do you know?

First of the Year Puzzler

A Fourth of July Magic Puzzle for You

In honor of July 4th, here is a puzzler for you. Our nation has had a lot of birthdays.  When counting, what is the first number you come to that contains the letter “a”? 

math magic: the unique number 4

What’s Unusual about the Number 4?

It’s the fourth month so why not a magic puzzle about the number 4.  What is unique about the number 4 that is not found with any other number?

nutrition puzzler

A Nutrition Puzzler

March is National Nutrition Month.  So it only seems appropriate to do a nutrition puzzler. Which is correct:  “Yoke is white” or “Yoke are white”? 

alphabetical number

An Alphabetical Number?

What is the only number whose letters are in reverse alphabetical order?

Jan wordle

January Wordle: Know what it’s Saying?

Ready for a New Year’s Challenge?  Can you figure out what this word puzzle is saying? 

year end puzzler

Can You Solve our Year End Magic Puzzle?

Year end is approaching.  Time to get your records in order.  Speaking of order, can you answer this:  What is the only number whose letters are in alphabetical order?

Winter Wuzzle

Winter Wordle: Can you Solve it?

Can you guess what this wordle is saying? 

puzzler: ben's mother

A Family Puzzler for Thanksgiving

Here’s a fun family puzzler to try out at your Thanksgiving gathering. Ben’s mother has 3 children.  (Show 3 coins on your palm–a nickel, dime, & penny.)  The first one is named Nicole (push the nickel forward).  The second is named Diamond Jim (push the dime forward).  What is the third child’s name?