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puzzler: unusual sentences

What is Unusual about these 3 Sentences?

It’s back to school time, so here is an interesting literacy puzzler.  What is unusual about these 3 sentences?  Do you know what they are called? Both fickle dwarves jinx my pig quiz. Quick fox jumps nightly above wizard. Five quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed.

puzzler: spelling bee

Spelling Bee

Can you arrange the 9 letters of “EXTENSION” to spell 3 numbers?  Each is less than 20.  You may only use each letter once.

puzzler: abe

The Alphabet: A-B-E?

Professor Wordsmith says that the letter that comes right after AB in the alphabet is E.  How can this be?

puzzler: 26 cents

26 cents

I have 2 coins in my hand totaling 26 cents.  One of them is not a penny.  What are they? 

puzzler 5x6=8x4?


My English teacher says that 5×6=8×4.  How can that be true?

puzzler: ben's mother

A Family Puzzler for Thanksgiving

Here’s a fun family puzzler to try out at your Thanksgiving gathering. Ben’s mother has 3 children.  (Show 3 coins on your palm–a nickel, dime, & penny.)  The first one is named Nicole (push the nickel forward).  The second is named Diamond Jim (push the dime forward).  What is the third child’s name?

puzzler: dirt in a hole

Can You Solve this Geometry Gardening Problem?

Spring is coming!  In honor of this, here is a gardening puzzler for you. How much dirt is there in a hole that is 2’x2’x2′?

puzzler: what's unusual about 1961?

What’s Unusual about This Number?

1961. Do you know what is unusual about this number? 

puzzler: half of 8 = 3?

Half of 8 is…3?

Half of 8 is 3, you claim.  And you can prove it!  Do you know how?

puzzler: pear disappear

Can You Make a Pear Disappear?

Here’s a fun bit to show a library patron, or an audience while they are waiting for a program to begin. Ask your audience if they can make a pear disappear.  Let them think about this.  After a minute or two, show them the secret: