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Magic tricks you can perform!  Learn to do magic to amaze family and friends.  Don’t reveal your secrets.  Just perform a trick once for the same audience.  And make sure to practice!

Learn Magic - Newspaper tree

Learn Magic: Newspaper Tree

April is Earth Day. Here’s a fun, Earth Day trick to intrigue your friends! Want to learn how you can do this? Do you like this and want to learn more? Check out our summer camps St. Louis. Magic camp, circus camp, math magic camp, and more–at a location near you!  

Learn Magic - Birthday Prediction

Learn Magic: Mind Reading Someone’s Birthday

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ March birthday, here is a birthday trick you can do. Want to learn to do this one? Download and print out your Birthday Prediction. Speaking of birthdays, let us make yours special!  We provide birthday party entertainment at our location in Webster with inflatables, or yours.

Learn Magic - Invisible Ball

Learn Magic: Invisible Ball

“I don’t believe in invisible balls… Or do I?”

Learn Magic - Hole in Head

Learn Magic: Hole in Your Head?

Your friends will believe you have a hole in your head after this!

Learn Magic - Jack in a Box

Learn Magic: Jack in the Box–A Camp Favorite!

This card trick will become a favorite!

Learn Magic - Lightning Multiply by 11

Learn Magic: Lighting Multiplication x 11

What’s 62 x 11?  11 x 43?  Calculate these and many more instantly in your head!

Learn Magic - Spoon on Nose

Learn Magic: How to Hang a Spoon on Your Nose!

Get some laughs at the dinner table with this one!

Learn Magic - Touched by a Ghost

Learn Magic: Do You Believe in Ghosts?

A ghostly trick just in time for Halloween!

Learn Magic - Coin Across

Learn Magic: Coin Across – Amaze with 1 Coin!

Amaze your friends using only a single coin!

Learn Magic - 4 Penny Trick

Learn Magic: Amaze with Just 4 Pennies!

Your audience will gasp as coins travel from 1 of your hands to the other!