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magic mystery camp St. Louis

Learn Magic with this Magic Mystery Camp St. Louis Trick

Can you put the pieces together to pull of this trick?  If so, check out our Magical Mystery Camp St. Louis.  You’ll love creating and solving magical mysteries there! Learn how to do this magical mystery trick yourself!

Punxsutawney Phil Puzzle

February 2nd is Groundhog Day.  In honor of this, here is a puzzle for you. ERGRO Can you add 3 letters to the beginning of the above letters, and the same 3 letters to the end, to reveal where Punxsutawney Phil lives?

What’s Special About This Holiday Poem?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Read this holiday poem and see if you can figure out what is unique about the structure of it.

Baking for the Holidays

Sugar is a popular ingredient around the holidays for baking.  “Sugar” is also 1 of 2 words in the English language where the “s” is pronounced like “sh”. Can you name the other?

A Ghoul-ishly Great Gag Trick!

This Halloween themed trick will leave your audiences howling!  Challenge:  Can you place 5 ghosts on top of 2 books so that each book has an odd number of ghosts on it? For this gag trick, you will need two books and five ghost images. Can you figure it out?  Click below to see how it’s done!

Magic Crossword Puzzle: Opposites

Sharpen your skills and wake up that brain from its summer slumber in time to go back to school. Try out this crossword puzzle of opposites! Shrink, wither Green (e.g. banana) Shut Came Fill in opposites to the above clues.  Can you wind up with 4 words both horizontally & vertically?


What if you could spell the name of a thought of card and arrive at that card?  That this trick works for any named card amazes me!  Sound intriguing? 

What Will You Do This Summer? Decide by Magic!

Introduce your mind-reading assistant.  Send your assistant out of the room and ask a spectator to point to any of the summer activities on the below chart.  Call your assistant in and she magically reveals the activity the spectator selected! Shoe Lace Weaving Finger Nail Filing Flag Waving Basics Type Writer Maintenance Abra-Kid-Abra Camp Shaving for Beginners 20 Tricks with a Potato Saluting 101

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Changing a CAT into a DOG

Can you solve this word puzzle? C A T _ _ _ _ _ _ DOG Start with CAT.  Change 1 letter in each step, changing it to a different word.  E.g. you can put CAB in the first row of blanks.  Whatever you put, it must be a word.  Can you get to DOG in just 3 steps? Here is our solution.  Did

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Can You Balance the Reindeer?

Santa needs your help!   The 4 sides below–top, bottom, right, and left–each have 6 reindeer.  Santa wants to move the 4 reindeer in the middle pen to the outer pens–and still have 6 reindeer on each side.  Is this possible?  Can you advise him how?