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magic puzzle - crossword puzzle

Can You Solve This Magical Crossword Puzzle?

Here are your clues.  If you get it right, there will be words formed not only in each row, but also in each column, and diagonal.  A magic square crossword puzzle! Across:  This means U.S.  Uncle _ _ _. A desert.  Apple _ _ _. Drawing is a fun _ _ _ class.

Magic Puzzle - 3 B's

3 B’s

“Bubble” and “babble” each contain 3 B’s.  My English teacher created quite a hubbub when if any of us could come up with a word with 3 B’s that does not begin with “B”.  Can you come up with this word?

First of the Year Puzzler

A Fourth of July Magic Puzzle for You

In honor of July 4th, here is a puzzler for you. Our nation has had a lot of birthdays.  When counting, what is the first number you come to that contains the letter “a”? 

magic puzzle: color trick

Do You Know Your Colors? Are You sure?

This one will get your friends chuckling.  They think it’s going to easy, but it turns out to be a bigger challenge than they exected!

math magic: the unique number 4

What’s Unusual about the Number 4?

It’s the fourth month so why not a magic puzzle about the number 4.  What is unique about the number 4 that is not found with any other number?

nutrition puzzler

A Nutrition Puzzler

March is National Nutrition Month.  So it only seems appropriate to do a nutrition puzzler. Which is correct:  “Yoke is white” or “Yoke are white”? 

magic puzzle - alphabetical number

By the Numbers

Would you believe it if I told you that there is one number whose letters are in alphabetical order!  When you have picked yourself up off the floor from the shock of that, can you tell me what number it is?

alphabetical number

An Alphabetical Number?

What is the only number whose letters are in reverse alphabetical order?

Learn Magic: A Library Magic Trick You Can Do

This trick will help figure out what you want to be when you grow up–by magic.  You can also visit the library to get info on different occupations.  They have books on everything!  Make sure you are signed up for their summer reading program, by the way. Learn how to do this library magic trick!  Download your materials:  What Do You Want to Be

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summer reading puzzler

Summer Reading Puzzler

Challenge:  Can you arrange the letters of “new door” to form one word?