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fun kitchen puzzler

A Fun Kitchen Puzzler

Nitram and his mother, Mrs. Rendrag, did the dishes after dinner. “Now that we’re finished with the dishes,” Mrs. Rendrag said, “let’s do the STOP AND SNAP.” These words “stop” and “snap” don’t make sense. Can you make a simple letter change to figure out what she actually said? Can you do something similar to deduce their real names?

Magic Puzzle - Longer is Shorter

What 5 Letter Word Becomes Shorter When You ADD 2 Letters to It?

Is this possible?  Or have we lost our marbles? 

Magic Puzzle - An Unusual Word

An Unusual Word

Back to school time is coming, so how about a quick word puzzle?  Can you think of a word with 3 u’s in it? 

puzzler: unusual sentences

What is Unusual about these 3 Sentences?

It’s back to school time, so here is an interesting literacy puzzler.  What is unusual about these 3 sentences?  Do you know what they are called? Both fickle dwarves jinx my pig quiz. Quick fox jumps nightly above wizard. Five quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed.

puzzler: spelling bee

Spelling Bee

Can you arrange the 9 letters of “EXTENSION” to spell 3 numbers?  Each is less than 20.  You may only use each letter once.

puzzler: abe

The Alphabet: A-B-E?

Professor Wordsmith says that the letter that comes right after AB in the alphabet is E.  How can this be?

puzzler 5x6=8x4?


My English teacher says that 5×6=8×4.  How can that be true?


Can You Decipher this Secret Message?

Take away six letters to find a great activity to do this summer.  Can you figure out what it is?

Magic Puzzle - Snowball Sentence

What is a Snowball Sentence?

A snowball sentence, a teacher explained to her class, is one where each word is longer than the preceeding one.  “Do you understand?”, she asked a student.  “I am not sure, teacher”, she said.  Did she understand?  How do you know?

magic puzzle: math problem 2+11-1=12

2+11-1-12. Can you Demo this Using this: TWOELEVEN

December is our twelfth month, so a puzzle about the number twelve seems topical.  Can you solve this one?  It’s tricky!