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Learn Magic - Coin-Pen Vanish

Learn Magic: Coin-Pen Vanish

It’s back to school time. Here is a trick with a pencil and a coin with which to amaze your friends! Wand to learn to perform this? Would you like to learn more magic? We may be offering an after school magic class at your school! Call or email us to find out.  314-961-6912.  If not, let’s see if we can get one started.

3 Firsts this Weekend for Abra

#1.  Today was the culmination of our first Magical Mystery Camp.  This is a brand new camp for us this year.  Thanks to performer and instructor, Howie Hirshfield for developing it.  The campers put on their show today, which they wrote:  The Mystery of the Lost Puppy.  I am excited to hear how it went. #2.  We have a family coming to our magic

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Welcome Magicians!

Welcome to our Abra-Kid-Abra blog.  We plan to post new tricks continually, so please check back often.  We also hope to post videos from some of our shows for your entertainment, and to show you how tricks look being performed for an audience. Remember that a magician never reveals his secrets, so by reading these tricks, we presume that you agree to this code. 

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