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Learn Magic - Bounce Roll

Learn Magic: How to Bounce a Dinner Roll!

Master this one and get some laughs at the holiday dinner table!

Learn Magic - Spoon on Nose

Learn Magic: How to Hang a Spoon on Your Nose!

Get some laughs at the dinner table with this one!

Float into the Room Gag

Float into the Room! Effect: Your head comes into view in the doorway, as though you are sideways—maybe even flying.(Photo #1)You go up and down the door jamb (photo #2), then jump down, landing in the doorway, and walk into the room.Talk about a dramatic entrance! A fun stunt to do for friends or family, or to make an entrance to begin a show.

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Comedy Water on the Head

I use this in my show as a comic interlude.  It usually gets a good laugh!  I hope you’ll have fun with it. Effect:  You “hypnotize” a spectator who sits in a chair holding a cup of water atop her head.  When she looks in the cup, the water has disappeared, without her knowing where it went!  The audience knows and thinks it’s funny! 

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Drinking Water–Through the Table?

Set a cup of water on the table.  Cover it with a sheet of newspaper.  Claim that you can drink the water without touching the newspaper!  Sounds impossible?  Here’s how:

A Drinking Water Betcha

A glass of water is on the table.  “I am going to go out of the room”, you explain, “and I’ll bet the water will be gone before I walk back in.”  Would you take this bet?

Seeing Upside Down!

I have a special paper here that when you look at it, you will see upside down.  Would you like to see it?  You show it to them and they see upside down!

Divining Someone’s Favorite Book

Ask someone to jot their favorite book on a slip of paper, then cover it with their hand, so you can’t peek.  With a little concentration, believe it or not, you can tell them what’s on the paper!  How?

Dropping a Card on Edge?

“When you drop a playing card on the table”, you demonstrate to a spectator, “it lands on 1 side or the other.  Can you drop it, from a height of at least 1 foot, so it lands on its edge?”

Dog Jaw Gag

Complain that your neck has been hurting.  Mention that you think you might have a case of Dog Jaw.  Ask the person you’re showing this to if they’ve ever heard of Dog Jaw?