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Frosty's Birthday Magic St. Louis

Snowman Craft Ideas for Child Care Centers

Snow and snowmen are fun programming ideas for child care centers.  Here are some snow craft ideas and some snow book recommendations to help make your snow programming fun and engaging. Snow Craft Ideas for Child Care Center Children Paper Bag Snowman Puppets Get some white paper bags, lunch bag size.  (I have seen these at Walmart.)  Using black construction paper cut out circles

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snow programs for child care centers St. Louis

Snowman Games for Preschoolers

So you are planning some snowman activities for your pre schoolers, and you would like some fun snowman games they can play.  Here are 2 snowman games for preschoolers, a suggestion on how to kick off your snowman activities, and 3 snow book recommendations.   Snowman Games for Child Care Students Indoor Snowball Fight Get some white tissue paper.  Cut the pieces in half. 

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What Kind of Snacks to Serve for Winter Child Care Center Programs?

It’s wintertime and you are planning programs around snow, winter, and Frosty the Snowman at your child center.  If only you could think of a snack to go with this theme!  Something simple but tasty. Fear no longer!  Here are 3 snowman snack ideas for your Frosty the Snowman theme event! 1.  Banana Snowmen You’ll need:  bananas, apples, pretzel sticks, grapes, raisins or chocolate

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Frosty the Snowman's Birthday Party

Winter Programming for Child Care Centers: Great Songs to Use

It’s wintertime.  You want to celebrate and teach the kids about winter and snow at your child care center.  A great element to include is a song!  Here are a few you might consider as part of your winter or snow programming: 1.  Frosty the Snowman:  You can find the lyrics at 2.  Sing I’m a Little Snowman to the tune of I’m

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