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Jumping Party Places or Jump House Rental? Which to do for your child’s birthday?

It’s birthday party time and you’d like to do inflatables.  Should you go to one of the jumping party places?  Or should you rent a jumpy house?  How do you choose?  Here are some pros and cons of each option to help you have the best jump house party. Jumping birthday party place – Advantages:  You are protected against bad weather. By having your

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Inflatable Party Places – How to Choose the Best?

It’s birthday party time and your child would like to go to an inflatable party place this year.  You have multiple options.  How do you choose the best one to give your child the best experience you can? Inflatable Party Places – 5 Things to Look For Here are 5 factors to consider: Having the inflatables to yourself. Some inflatable party places have the

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Should the Birthday Child Open Gifts at their Birthday Party?

To Open or Not To Open (Gifts at the Birthday Party)–That is the Question There are arguments for both sides of this issue. Some would say yes. Parents enjoy seeing the birthday child’s reaction to their gift, and get joy seeing the child delighted with their present. The kids may also enjoy seeing the gifts. And if you need to fill a little time,

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Should you serve cake before or after the entertainment at a child’s birthday party?

Should you serve cake before or after the entertainment at your child’s birthday party? I don’t know that a lot of sleep has been lost pondering this question, but a lot of parents do ask what we think on this issue. There are advantages to both ways. If you serve before the entertainment, if some are a little late they don’t miss the entertainment.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Show at Your Kids Birthday Party

These days many parties entail playing a sport, visiting an arcade, playing on inflatables, etc. None of these include a show (e.g. a magic show, circus show, ventriloquist show, etc.) We think a show adds a lot to a party. Here are 5 benefits of including a show in your kids party: A show makes your child feel special. When your child waves the

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St. Louis Birthday Magic – Magic Drink for Kids

Here’s a great idea for a magic drink to add to your magic kids birthday party. Thanks to Connor and his mom for bringing this idea recently to our magic birthday party place in St. Louis. Pour a few drops of food coloring in an opaque cup.  Put in some ice cubes to hide the food coloring.  Pour in Sprite and the soda magically

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Birthday Party Tips and More

Looking for tips and ideas for your birthday party?  Check out  They offer lots of arts and crafts ideas for birthday parties, kids party games, birthday tips, ideas for birthday parties, and more.  It’s icing on your cake!  

Magic Cake at Abra-Kid-Abra Birthday Party Place

At our birthday party place in St. Louis, we had a beautiful magic cake recently for Julia’s birthday party!  If you’d like to know where to get one, contact us and I can get you the baker’s name.