Princess Party at Abra-Kid-Abra Pricing

Thanks for requesting pricing on our princess party at Abra-Kid-Abra.


To recap, your princess party includes:

princess party places St. Louis

Magical Looking Entrance

Bounce House-Abra-Kid-Abra party place

Inflatable Bounce House

princess party obstacle course

Inflatable Obstacle Course

princess party magic show

Princess Magic Show

Princess Party Food

Cake Room Celebration

princess party balloons

Animal Balloon for Each Child

princess party goodie bag

Princess Goodie Bags

prize machine - birthday party place

Special Birthday Prize



Our fee is $295 which cover up to 15 child guests. The birthday girl, adults, and infants are free. If over 15 child guests, $5/additional child.

We offer 2 optional extras:

1)  Illusion package. We add to the show an opening and closing illusion (i.e. a bigger trick) starring your daughter!

magical princess production

To open the show, we are ready to begin, but we cannot find the birthday girl! There is a big box sitting there. Could she be inside? We show it to the audience, but it’s empty. The kids say “Happy Birthday” and your daughter’s name and lo and behold, she pops out of the box. Talk about a grand entrance!

princess party magic show levitation

To close the show, she floats in thin air! This is a great trick, and it makes a great photo that you’ll keep for a long time.


2)  Hats & Wands. If you like, we can give a hat and wand to each guest.

princess party hats and wands

The hats are black plastic. Your guests will feel like magicians when they wear them!    The wands come packaged with our instruction card that teaches 6 tricks you can perform with the wand to amaze friends and family.

Each optional extra is $50.


Next Steps

Princess Birthday Party

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We look forward to helping your princess have a wonderful princess party!