FAQ-After School Classes

What is the cost to our school?

0. Interested parents pay. In fact, you can make money in 3 ways. 1) Some schools tack on money to what we charge to make a little money, and/or cover building usage costs. 2) At your request, we offer a free item for your annual auction, to help you raise funds. Value: up to $250. 3) You are eligible to receive one free educational assembly—a $350 value. Ask us for details.


What if we don’t have space?

Many of our classes are conducted in the art room, music room, cafeteria, gym, or multi purpose room. Sometimes we even do classes at the end of a hallway, or in a teacher’s room. We are careful not to mess up the classroom, and to leave it just as we found it. Some schools adopt the attitude that the building is theirs after school hours, and if a class doesn’t mess up a classroom, better to enrich kids than to have a room sit empty!


Who are your instructors?

Many are experienced performers. Others are retired teachers, current teachers, or teaching students. All instructors are extensively background checked prior to being hired.


How much school admin time is involved to have after school enrichment?

Very little. Schedule a room. Send home our flyers. Put registrations you receive in an envelope we provide. (Or, if you prefer, we can handle the registration.) That’s about it!

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