FAQ – Birthday Party at Abra-Kid-Abra

How many kids can you hold?  Up to ~75.

Adults–Can I bring lots of adults?  Is there a charge for them?  Bring as many adults as you’d like.  There is no charge for adults at a kids birthday party.

Infants–Is there a charge for them?  No.  If the kids participate in the party, they are counted.  E.g. they play on the inflatables, watch the show, get a goodie bag and an animal balloon,…  If they are infants and don’t participate, no charge for them.

Goodie Bags–What is in them?  Can I add my own items?  We change our goodie bags periodically for variety.  At this writing we include:  Money Magic Trick; Magic Clover; Crayon Divination; Chinese YoYo; Rabbit in the Hat Temporary Tattoo; Giant Bill with instructions for additional tricks they can do. If you want to supplement this with your own items, you are welcome to do so.

princess party favors

For princess parties our goodie bag includes:  princess wand; princess slide puzzle; princess coloring book; princess sticker or tattoo; magic clover; and giant bill with instructions for additional tricks they can perform.

Can we bring our own food and drink?  Yes, you provide whatever food and drink you’d like to serve.  We supply party ware:  table cloths, cups, plates, plastic ware, napkins, etc.

Can I get in early to set up?  SYes, you may arrive 15 minutes before your party begins.  If you want more time than that, let us know and uwe’s know and we’ll do our best to accomodate.

What kitchen Accessories are available?  We have a refrigerator-freezer (so plenty of room if you want to bring ice cream, ice, etc.); oven; stove; & microwave.

Parking–How much is there and where?  There are ~10 spots in the lot in front of our building.  There are another 10-12 spots in the lot on the north side of our building.  Street parking available in the neighborhood next to our street.  At this writing the building next to and immediately south of us has 10-15 spaces that are generally available on weekends.  So plenty of choices!

Pizza–Can we bring in?  What time should it be delivered?   Sure you can bring in pizza or whatever other food you’d like.  Have the pizza delivered 45 minutes into the party, as the kids will eat 1 hour into the party.

Shy Birthday Child.  How do you handle?  During the first 30 minutes when the kids are playing on the inflatables, we get to know the kids.  We are often at the entrance to the obstacle course, which the kids go in again and again.  We get to know their names, and talk with them a bit.  So by the time we are ready for the show, a shy child has gotten to know us a bit and is “warmed up” to us.  If a child is reluctant to come up and assist, that’s fine.  We can invite others to participate.  Sometimes a shy child may not want to stand up in front of the group, but is willing to help from their seat.  Or they will come up with a sibling or parent.  Then eventually they may be comfortable coming up by themselves.  So we try to create a comfortable environment.  We don’t push them beyond their comfort level, and we roll with whatever happens.

What’s the difference between your magic, circus, princess, & make a movie parties?

Similarities:  All of our parties include play on our inflatables, a show, time in the cake room, take-home favors, a special prize for the birthday child, & downloadable invitations.  All are 1.75 hours, except Make A Movie, which is 2 hours.


Birthday PartyAudienceShowFavorsSpecial Birthday PrizeDownloadable Invitations
Magicboys & girls, wide age rangeComedy magic showmagic goodie bags--6 tricks & noveltiesgiant wand magic set generallymagic themed
Circusboys & girls, wide age rangeInteractive circus showmagic goodie bags--6 tricks & novelties (or peacock feathers)circus kitcircus themed
Princessbirthday girl who likes princesses. usually up to 6 or 7 yrs.Princess show. Comedy magic woven into a story about a magical princess--your daughter, who makes magical things happen.princess goodie bags (if boys & girls, magic goodie bags recommended)giant wand magic set generallyprinceess themed
Make-A-MovieGenerally 8 & older. And/or birthday child likes to perform.We teach the kids group acts of magic, circus, & comedy. They put on a show for their parents at the end, which we videotape & provide digitally to you.Wand with our illustrated, 6-trick instructions giant wand magic setmake-a-movie themed


For more info:   Call Abra-Kid-Abra 314-961-6912 or email us.