Special Offer: $100 Birthday Party Certificate for $50

NOTE:  This offer has expired and is no longer active, effective 11/29/17.

Thanks for your interest in a $100 certificate toward an Abra-Kid-Abra birthday party for only $50.  Here are a few details:

Magic and comedy show
Comedy magic delights kids and adults
  • The certificate is good for 1 year.
  • The party is subject to availability.  Please book early to increase likelihood of availability.
  • It can be used toward either an inflatables and magic party at our location in Webster, or a magic party–our gold or platinum package–at your location.  These 3 packages are described below.  As you’ll see, they include a comedy magic show, a magic workshop, animal balloons and goodie bags for all the kids, a special birthday prize for your child, and more, depending on which package you select.  Fees for these packages start at $275.  So, e.g., if you choose the inflatable and magic party at Abra-Kid-Abra–a $275 program–after your $100 certificate, you would owe a $175 balance.

3 Birthday Party Packages:

Comedy Magician

“The performance was terrific! The magician arrived a bit early to set up and started on time. He involved the children and adults in various tricks. The smaller children kept asking us if he could come back tomorrow!”

Julia OBlack

Our goal is to make your child feel very special, get your guests laughing and having fun, and give you a stress-free event with great photo moments and memories that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Gold Birthday Package

  • Comedy Magic Show. You child is the co-star of the show! The kids (and adults) will belly laugh and have lots of fun!
  • Downloadable invitations
  • Visual excitement with our Abra-Kid-Abra banner stand (see top photo). This helps excite your guests the moment they walk in the room!
  • Animal Balloons. Each child gets one to take home
    Balloon Art
  • Magic workshop. The kids learn and take home 2-3 tricks they can perform!

    With a wave of his wand, a boy makes his fish move by magic!
    A boy makes a fish move by magic!
  • Goodie bags for each child. Each has 5-6 magical tricks and novelties. Save yourself the hassle of purchasing and putting these together!
    goodie bags
  • Giant Wand Magic Set for the birthday child (a $25 value). This is one of the most popular kits in our shop!
Jumbo Wand Magic Set

“The magician arrived early to set up, and he was friendly and professional. He was great during the show. Very funny. The kids loved him and had a blast during the show. I received a lot of positive feedback from parents afterwards that they thought the magic show was great and that the kids had fun.”

Laura Hanks

This program is 60 minutes of fun–approximately 30 minutes for the show, 15 minutes for the magic workshop, and 15 minutes to twist the balloons. (Actual times may vary slightly based on the number of kids.)

Fee: $275  (If outside greater StL area, travel rates may apply.)

Book your birthday party online Now.  Or call us at 314-961-6912


Platinum Birthday Package

This is the very best birthday package we offer. You get everything in the gold birthday package plus:

  • Floating Illusion with your child to close the show. This a big trick that often elicits gasps! You’ll want to keep this photo for a long time.

Levitation of Birthday Child

  • Your child magically appears from an empty box to open the show! We’re ready to start but we can’t find the birthday child! There is a large box sitting there. Is he inside? No. The audience says “Happy Birthday ___” and your child magically appears. Talk about making a grand entrance!
birthday party magic show appearance
  • Create a theater in your home with our professional backdrop (see top photo). When the kids come in the room and see our stage set, they will be very excited! Our stage backdrop makes the whole production look glossier, bigger, and more professional.
  • Magic wands for each child, packaged with our special Abra-kid-Abra instruction card that teaches 6 tricks they can perform using their wands.
  • Top hats for each child. Your guests will look and feel like magicians. Black plastic. This means that your guests take home a magicians hat, their own wand, and a bag of tricks (goodie bag) as well!
A wand and a top hat

“He had the kids at my son’s 6th birthday laughing and entertained for an hour. They were thrilled! This was absolutely the best birthday party we’ve ever had.”

Sara Murdock

1 hour of non-stop fun!

Fee: $350  (If outside greater StL area, travel rates may apply.)

Book Your Birthday Party Online Now.  Or call us at 314-961-6912.


Abra-Kid-Abra Birthday Party Place Package

Webster Groves

When you host your party at our Magic Party Place, the kids get the added treat of playing on our inflatables. Plus you don’t have to clean up!

Abra-Kid-Abra’s Magic Party Place is located at 803 Lafayette Ave, Webster Groves, MO 63119. We are 1.5 miles south of highway 40, and 1.5 miles north of highway 44 at Elm.

Enter a world of magic at Abra-Kid-Abra
A giant top hat and rabbit sign greets kids as they enter.

Your 1 hour 45 minute party has 3 parts. First, the children play on our inflatables for approx 30 minutes. They’ll love bouncing in our moonbounce. There are basketball hoops if they’d like to play nerf basketball too! They also love our inflatable obstacle course. It features 5 obstacles, culminating with a slide.

2 room basketball bounce
inflatable bounce


obstacle course
inflatable obstacle course

Next the kids file into the mini theater and enjoy a comedy magic show (see first photo above). The birthday child is the main helper and star of the show. There is lots of comedy and audience interaction to get the kids (and adults) laughing and having fun! After the show, we conduct a magic workshop, with the kids taking home tricks they can perform. The show last approximately 30 minutes and the workshop, 15.

party room at Abra-Kid-Abra
Abra-Kid-Abra cake room

“The magician did a fabulous job! Funny and had the kids all paying attention. I’m really glad I went with you for additional entertainment at the party!”

Teresa Vinyard

Finally, the children head into the party room to enjoy cake and refreshments (which you provide). This room is brightly decorated with streamers, happy birthday signs, and a colorful floor. (You are welcome to any additional decorations you’d like.) While the kids are eating, we make each of them an animal balloon to take home.

For the grand finale, the birthday girl gets 30 seconds in our whirlwind of fortune booth. Cheered on by her friends, as play bills are swirling all around her, she tries to grab as many as she can, which determines which special birthday prize she gets.

money cube money cube with girl inside

Fee: $275 for up to 15 children (plus birthday child, who is free). $5/child over 15.

For Added Excitement:

Magic Illusion Package: Add an opening and closing illusion with the birthday girl. To open the show, she makes a grand entrance, magically appearing from an empty box! To close the show, she floats in mid-air! (See photos above.) Take photos and you’ll remember these moments for a long time! $50.

Hats and Wand Package: Each child will look and feel like a magician with their black plastic top hat and real magic wand, specially packaged with our instructions teaching 6 tricks they can do with their wand. (See photo above.) $50.

Book Your Party, Before Open Dates Disappear:

Book your birthday party online now! We will confirm the date and send you a confirmation, generally within 1 business day. Or call 314-961-6912 or email us to talk further.