Do You Know Your Colors? Are You sure?

magic puzzle: color trick

This one will get your friends chuckling.  They think it’s going to easy, but it turns out to be a bigger challenge than they exected!Can you read out loud the first 3 rows of the above card?  Did you do it successfully? Good.  Now…

Say out loud the names of the colors, not the words.  (E.g. 1st row:  green red yellow blue.)  Can you do this quickly for 4-5 rows?

Most people find that saying out loud the names of the colors is tough to do!  It’s easier to read the words.  Here’s a trick:  read the words beginning with row 3, and you’ll have the colors starting in row 1!  I.e. row 3 reads “green red yellow blue”, which are the colors of the row 1 words!

Try this out on your friends!  If you want to learn lots of other fun tricks, check out our magic camp St. Louis, and our blog.  If you like reading-related tricks like this, sign up for our free monthly email newsletter for a list of libraries at which we are appearing this summer!



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