Floating a Silver Ball!

Make a silver ball float!

Between the Hands
Beneath one Hand
Beneath one Hand
Between the Palms
Between the Palms

To do this, you’ll need to borrow a soup ladel from your kitchen!


Hold the handle with your right fore arm against your right side.

The first 3 photos show 3 different ways you can float the silver ball:  between your hands, beneath one palm, or between your palms.  Play around with this and invent your own ways to float it!

Start with the handle against your side, hidden by your right arm, silver ball covered by your hands.  Open your hands, showing the ball.  Make it float 1 or a few ways for a moment.  (Not too long or they may catch on!)  Then close your hands around it and put the ball back in your case.

Practice in front of a mirror so you can see how it looks to the audience.  Be careful of your angles.  If people are too much to one side, they may see the handle of the ladel; too much to the other side and they’ll see that it’s a half rather than a full sphere.  Because it is angly, it’s best to do this for 1-3 people directly in front of you.

If you like making balls float, professional magic shops have more advanced versions that are more impressive, but will take more practice.  (Ask, e.g. for a zombie ball.)  Until next month, good luck!


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