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Learn Magic - Spoon on Nose

Learn Magic: How to Hang a Spoon on Your Nose!

Get some laughs at the dinner table with this one!

word puzzle 1610

Any idea what this wordle is saying?

Learn Magic - Touched by a Ghost

Learn Magic: Do You Believe in Ghosts?

A ghostly trick just in time for Halloween!


Can you deduce this September Wordle?

Learn Magic - Coin Across

Learn Magic: Coin Across – Amaze with 1 Coin!

Amaze your friends using only a single coin!

Learn Magic - 4 Penny Trick

Learn Magic: Amaze with Just 4 Pennies!

Your audience will gasp as coins travel from 1 of your hands to the other!

Learn Magic - Mind Reading the Difference

Learn Magic: Mind Reading the Difference

Your friends will be amazed by this trick with a double wow! Learn to perform this trick! Make your own version of this using unruled index cards. If you like this trick, check out our after school classes.  Ask your school or us if any are scheduled this year at your school.  If not, contact us and let’s get one started!


What are these ZZZZ’s in August saying?

Learn Magic - Einstein Like Addition

Learn Magic: Einstein-like Addition!

Beware–Your audience may confuse you with Einstein after this one!

Learn Magic - Zippie

Learn Magic: Zippy!

This favorite is a fun routine to perform!