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word puzzle 1710

Can you solve the October wordle?

Learn Magic - Bermuda Square Triangle

Learn Magic: Beware the Bermuda Triangle!

Vanish a raft in this map of the Bermuda Triangle!


Any idea what this wordle is saying?

Learn Magic - Coin Across

Learn Magic: Coin Across – Amaze with 1 Coin!

Stun your audience–with just 1 coin!


Can You Figure Out What This August Word Puzzle is Saying?


Can you deduce this jumbled wordle?

Learn Magic - 7 Penny Trick

Learn Magic: The Great 7 Penny Trick!

Make a coin disappear from a spectator’s hand!


Can you figure out this wordle?


Can you figure out what this says?

Learn Magic - Cattle Rustlers

Learn Magic: Cattle Rustlers

A mystifying trick with a great story! Want to learn to do this one? If you enjoy story magic, check out our summer camps St. Louis!  Particularly our magic mystery camp–a combination of magic and theater, where campers write and put on their own magical mystery show.