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Do you know what a Ling Boy is?

Can you solve this Magic puzzle?

Learn Magic: Mind Reading Someone’s Birthday

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ March birthday, here is a birthday trick you can do. Want to learn to do this one? Download and print out your Birthday Prediction. Speaking of birthdays, let us make yours special!  We provide birthday party entertainment at our location in Webster with inflatables, or yours.

Any idea what this wordle is saying?

Learn Magic: Invisible Ball

“I don’t believe in invisible balls… Or do I?”

Can You Figure Out What This January Word Puzzle is Saying?

Learn Magic: Hole in Your Head?

Your friends will believe you have a hole in your head after this!

Can you solve this wordle–before it vanishes!

Learn Magic: Jack in the Box–A Camp Favorite!

This card trick will become a favorite!

Learn Magic: Lighting Multiplication x 11

What’s 62 x 11?  11 x 43?  Calculate these and many more instantly in your head!