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word puzzle 1803

Can you solve the March wordle?

Learn Magic - Lost at Sea - magic square

Learn Magic: Lost at Sea

March is Pi Day.  Here’s a fun math trick to amaze your friends! Ready to learn to perform this?  Remember:  Please don’t reveal the secret! Download your Lost at Sea Sheet.  Two versions are enclosed:  one with smaller numbers, and a challenge version with larger ones.  This trick uses a magic square.  Although there are lots of varied numbers, and even different row and

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Can you figure this wordle?

Learn Magic - Blanket Levitation

Learn Magic: Blanket Levitation

A blanket keeps you warm this time of year. Learn to make someone levitate beneath it!


What’s up with this wordle?

Learn Magic - Add 10 Consecutive Numbers

Learn Magic: Lightning Add 10 Consecutive Numbers!

Back in school, you’ll drop some jaws with this one!

word puzzle 1712

Can you figure this wordle out?

Learn Magic - Famous Pets

Learn Magic: Pet Mind Reading

Amaze with your ability to read minds!


Deduce our puzzle puzzler!

Learn Magic - Bounce Roll

Learn Magic: How to Bounce a Dinner Roll!

Master this one and get some laughs at the holiday dinner table!