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Any clue what this wordle is saying?

Can You Draw Just 2 Lines to Make a 3rd Arrow?

There are 2 arrows in this diagram.  Can you draw only 2 lines to create the 3rd arrow?

Learn Magic: Newspaper Tree

April is Earth Day. Here’s a fun, Earth Day trick to intrigue your friends! Want to learn how you can do this? Do you like this and want to learn more? Check out our summer camps St. Louis. Magic camp, circus camp, math magic camp, and more–at a location near you!  

Can You Arrange Eight 4’s so They Total 176?

April is the 4th month, so a puzzle about 4’s seems appropriate.  You can put the 4’s together however you’d like.  And you can use any arithmetic operations:  +, -, x, or /. 

A Pen that Writes any Color Named?

Claim that you have a special pen that can write any color.  Ask your friend to name any color. He says “purple”.  What do you do now?

Can you deduce what this wordle is saying?

Can You Solve the 6 Cups Problem?

Get 6 cups and fill 3 with water.  Set the 6 cups in a row on the table so that the first 3 are filled with water, and the last 3 are empty.  Challenge:  In just 1 move, can you make it so every other cup is filled with water? 

What’s the Only 2-Digit Number that is Both a Cube and a Square?

There’s one number that equals something multiplied by itself, and something else cubed.  Any idea what that special number is?

Tea Kettle Konundrum

Here’s a puzzler to warm you up on a chilly day.  How much tea does the average size tea kettle hold? 

Jumping Party Places or Jump House Rental? Which to do for your child’s birthday?

It’s birthday party time and you’d like to do inflatables.  Should you go to one of the jumping party places?  Or should you rent a jumpy house?  How do you choose?  Here are some pros and cons of each option to help you have the best jump house party. Jumping birthday party place – Advantages:  You are protected against bad weather. By having your

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